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Desktop Icon Toy helps you customize your Desktop icon's appearance
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Whether you got tired of your desktop's appearance or you just want to give it a more original look, you can find over the Internet a wide range screensavers, wallpapers and icon editors to accommodate your needs. A program that helps you complete the last mentioned task is the Desktop Icon Toy, a small utility that gives you access to amazing icon animations and effects.

Controlling this application can't get any easier as you can configure its settings, opt for the proper icon layout, choose from dozens of effects, etc. by simply right-clicking on the program's icon located on your Taskbar. To help you understand the program's functionality, Desktop Icon Toy will also display random tips while modifying the icon's appearance.

What I considered to be a small disadvantage was the fact that you can't apply individual settings to your icons; for example, when trying to hide an icon from your Desktop, the program applies the change to all icons.

The application will not only let you customize your icon's appearance, but also give you access to additional settings to help you prevent other users from accessing folders within your Desktop, allow you to assign hotkeys and enable mouse gesture to arrange icons.

I believe that, even though Desktop Icon Toy comes with many configurations available, the program is quite expensive if you take into consideration the fact that it's just an icon editor and not an application that helps you write down novels or convert a video to another format.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with dozens of icon effects
  • Available in many languages
  • Can run on many Windows operating systems
  • You can password-protect your Desktop Icons
  • You will be able to assign hotkeys


  • You can't apply individual settings to each folder icon within your desktop
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